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Explore Nature

Hiking with Apps

Explore Nature

Try out some of these phone applications on your next adventure!

52 Things To Do Outside Before You Grow Up

Explore Nature

Enjoy the outdoors in every season with something every week!

The Delicious Dandelion

Explore Nature

A brief history of the dandelion and a few ways to enjoy their deliciousness.

Clouds 101


Look up!ย  What kind of clouds do you see?


Explore Nature

Embrace your inner-naturalist with a nature scavenger hunt.

Called It: Frogs


Jeepers creepers, have you heard those peepers?

All About Turtles

Explore Nature

Meet some of Indiana’s reptile residents.

How to Be An Epic Explorer

Explore Nature

Discover what it takes to be an Epic Explorer!

Hike your heart out!


Elkhart County has some phenomenal trails, but how to pick? Here are six of our personal favorites.

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