Tree Passports

Celebrate earth the entire month of April through our interpretive programs and our Tree Passport activity.

  • You can print out a passport here or ask for one at the Ox Bow gatehouse.
  • To complete your passport you must fill in all 8 of your passport stamps at Ox Bow County Park or Bonneyville Mill County Park. Your stamp is the answer to the ‘Stamp Question’ labeled on the bottom of each tree species information sign.

Use this map to find the location of the 8 species at Ox Bow County Park.

Use this map to find the location of the 8 species at Bonneyville Mill County Park.

  • After you’re done learning about each of the 8 native trees species, match the number on the sign to the numbered box in your Tree Passport. This is where you will write in your ‘Stamp Question’ answer.
  • When you’ve collected all 8 stamps submit your passport using the information on the back cover of your Tree Passport.
  • Entries are due by 12 pm April 29th.

One winner will be selected during our Earth Month Hike to receive the Earth Month Grand Prize.