News and Updates

New ways to connect


Try these fun experiences online.

Ride On


It’s a perfect time to hit the trails!

Called It: Frogs


Jeepers creepers, have you heard those peepers?

COVID-19 Update


Please take a moment to read this important Elkhart County Parks update.

Daylight Saving Time


Twice a year Elkhart County residents have to adjust their clocks one hour, moving from Standard time to Daylight Saving Time and back again. This adjustment wasn’t always the case.

Leap Year 101


Why are there 29 days in February this year?

Become a Junior Indiana Master Naturalist


Calling all budding naturalists! Learn about our local natural resources and how you can be a part of taking care of them in your community.

Nostalgic Naturalist

Blast From the Past

Excerpt from The Ripple Winter 1997/1998

Make Every Bird Count


Why it’s worth keeping an eagle eye on the sky.

Citizenship Project Survey


In planning for the future, the museum is considering providing classes for people preparing to become United States citizens.

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