News and Updates

Public Meeting


Learn about the River Preserve Engineering Feasibility Study.

Evergreen Conifers


Learn a little more about evergreen conifers and how to ID them

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Explore Nature

Chill out with this printable bingo scavenger hunt.

Bug Month

Explore Nature

Learn what the buzz is about!

Hiking with Apps

Explore Nature

Try out some of these phone applications on your next adventure!

52 Things To Do Outside Before You Grow Up

Explore Nature

Enjoy the outdoors in every season with something every week!

The Delicious Dandelion

Explore Nature

A brief history of the dandelion and a few ways to enjoy their deliciousness.

Clouds 101


Look up!  What kind of clouds do you see?

Earth Day 2020


See if you can find any of these non-native, invasive plants….then help get rid of them.  Right now is the perfect time to spot them!


Explore Nature

Embrace your inner-naturalist with a nature scavenger hunt.

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