COVID-19 UPDATES: Parks are open but amenities are limited. Click for updates.

News and Updates


Explore Nature

Embrace your inner-naturalist with a nature scavenger hunt.

New ways to connect


Try these fun experiences online.

Ride On


It’s a perfect time to hit the trails!

Called It: Frogs


Jeepers creepers, have you heard those peepers?

COVID-19 Update


Please take a moment to read this important Elkhart County Parks update.

Daylight Saving Time


Twice a year Elkhart County residents have to adjust their clocks one hour, moving from Standard time to Daylight Saving Time and back again. This adjustment wasnโ€™t always the case.

Leap Year 101


Why are there 29 days in February this year?

Become a Junior Indiana Master Naturalist


Calling all budding naturalists! Learn about our local natural resources and how you can be a part of taking care of them in your community.

Nostalgic Naturalist

Blast From the Past

Excerpt from The Ripple Winter 1997/1998

Make Every Bird Count


Why itโ€™s worth keeping an eagle eye on the sky.

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