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Spring Wildflower BioBlitz


Become a citizen scientist and discover the spring beauty and diversity of wildflowers.

Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz


Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz – September 2022

52 Things To Do Outside Before You Grow Up

Explore Nature

Enjoy the outdoors in every season with something every week!

The Delicious Dandelion

Explore Nature

A brief history of the dandelion and a few ways to enjoy their deliciousness.

Clouds 101


Look up!  What kind of clouds do you see?

Earth Day 2020


See if you can find any of these non-native, invasive plants….then help get rid of them.  Right now is the perfect time to spot them!

Ride On


It’s a perfect time to hit the trails!

Leap Year 101


Why are there 29 days in February this year?

Become a Junior Indiana Master Naturalist


Calling all budding naturalists! Learn about our local natural resources and how you can be a part of taking care of them in your community.

Nostalgic Naturalist

Blast From the Past

Excerpt from The Ripple Winter 1998/1999

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