How to Be An Epic Explorer

We’re kicking off our new Epic Explorers series this July! This exciting new program is geared toward adventurers (ages 10-15) with wanderlust for the outdoors and natural curiosity.
To be an explorer is one thing, but to be an Epic Explorer means you’ve mastered the four skills necessary to get the most out of every wild adventure.


The first and most significant skill of an Epic Explorer is the ability to observe. Epic Explorers must be able to look around their environment, and take note of the things they see, hear, and sometimes feel. Once an Explorer has mastered the art of observation, they will be able to tackle the other three epic skills with ease.

For an Epic Explorer, experiencing the natural world means expecting the unexpected. Encounters with wildlife can never be planned. An Explorer may see the same owl two hikes in a row, or spot a turtle basking in the sun, while other days, that might not happen. An Epic Explorer will recognize this, and rather than seeking out something unseen, will focus on seeing and learning about the things that surround them.

Plants and animals do everything according to nature’s own calendar, which doesn’t always align with ours. Waiting for the right season or the right time of day is easy—waiting patiently for a snake to emerge from under the leaves, or a bird to fly out from the branches—is a tool. Having patience allows an Epic Explorer to have meaningful and much more exciting adventures.

The act of exploring means putting yourself into the unfamiliar situations and finding ways to learn, and eventually understand them. An Epic Explorer will be aware of their own comfort zone, while using their courage to allow themselves to experience new things. This might mean seeing a new kind of insect up-close, or being the first in the group to cross through a muddy path—whatever the challenge, an explorer is open-minded and ready to brave the unknown.

Once these four skills have been mastered, the opportunities for epic exploration are endless!

Think you have what it takes to become an Epic Explorer? Come join us on an adventure!

July 9 – Bike Journey @ Ox Bow County Park

August 13 – All About Trees @ Ox Bow County Park

September 10 – Elkhart River @ River Preserve County Park

October 8 – Fall Hike @ Cobus Creek County Park