Can you name five women artists?

Since 2016, the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) has been asking this question on social media using the hashtag #5WomenArtists. The campaign calls attention to the fact that women have not been treated equally in the art world, and today they remain dramatically underrepresented and undervalued in museums, galleries, and auction houses. Each year, hundreds of cultural organizations and thousands of individuals take to social media to answer the challenge, sparking a global conversation about gender equity in the arts. The challenge to recall five women artists from anywhere in the world is difficult enough, but naming five women artists from Elkhart County is an even bigger feat.

Through this exhibition, you will learn about ten local women whose art is housed at the Elkhart County Historical Museum. From famed Amish painter Emma Schrock to those who created outsider art, we celebrate their artistry and shine a light on their work in a world where women artists are underrepresented. By the end of your visit, you’ll have answers to both the question that started it all and the question we now pose: Can you name five women artists of Elkhart County?

Join the conversation now by using the hashtag #5WomenArtists!