Wednesday Bird Walk: 50th Birdathon

More than 50 species can be found at the park this time of the year—from colorful bluebirds and waxwings to majestic eagles and owls. Let’s see how many we can find! To celebrate our 50th Wednesday Bird Walk, join us for a fun, light-hearted race to find 50 birds. After the hike, we’ll celebrate at the warming house with drinks, bird-themed snacks, and shared memories. Plan to bring hiking shoes and dress for the weather.

The group will head out at 8 a.m., so please plan travel time accordingly.

About This Event

Date: February 5, 2020

Time: 8:00 am -  10:00 am

Location: Ox Bow

Shelter:Ox Bow Haus Shelter



Register By: No Registration Required

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