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Elkhart County Spring Birding Challenge

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Birders of all experience levels are invited to create a team for some friendly competition this spring. Each birding team will work together to find as many birds as possible within Elkhart County from March through May. The challenge will conclude with a party, photo show, and cheers for all participants (and birds).


STEP 1: Have a team of 2–4 adults (and any number of kids)
In all levels, at least 2 members of the team must see the bird for it to count.

STEP 2: Choose your team’s level

  • Beginner: Ideal for families just beginning to learn the common birds of Indiana
  • Experienced: Birders who typically see 80-100 species
  • Advanced: Birders who see 200 species or more

STEP 3: Record your sightings (March–May)
All sightings will be recorded on a shared Google doc and can be updated by team members at any time.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Register and pay team fee of $10 before March 31.

About This Event

Date: March 1, 2021

Location: Throughout Elkhart County



Register By: March 31

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